I’ve recently read some wonderful books for children and adults I’d like to share with you.   Here’s the short list:
1. In the Land of Second Chances – George Sheffner (perfect feel good kind of novel)

2. 8th Grade Super Zero- Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovitch ( this is a Middle Grade novel perfect for your “tween” child.

3. Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? -Audrey Vernick (This picture book will delight young and old as it answers the question of what to expect in Kindergarten)

4. Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand (The true, and inspiring story of 1936 Olympic Runner Louis Zamperini who never got to break the 4 minute mile because of WWII. His war experiences as a gunner and POW survivor are unbelievable reading). http://www.unbroken –

5. The Room  –  Emma Donoghue  (This is told from the POV of a 4 year old boy and is a suspenseful , touching story.)


3 thoughts on “GREAT READS

  1. Darlene,
    My name is Bette Roberts and I have launched a new website with e-books. I am hoping to expand my site with the inclusion of audio cd’s. You have some interesting “picks” posted on your blog. I will try to incude these on my site soon. If you have more suggestions, stop by at and feel free to leave them in my trading post link.
    Thank you,

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