Literary Agents

Here are some excellent websites for writers looking for Literary Agents. Each one lists specific agents, what they are looking for and how to contact them.

1. Literary Rambles:

2. Mary Kole’s sight for all things in Children’s Literature, including how to edit and rewrite before submitting:

3. Absolute Write Water Cooler: Agents accepting unsolicited YA:

4. Rachel Gardner, Literary Agent:

5. Pub Rants, Kristen Nelson, Literary Agent:

Let me know if you’ve come across any other valuable sites for writers in search of a Literary Agent.




1 thought on “Literary Agents

  1. Hi Darlene,

    These are a great start. is another awesome one. The site is also loaded with great helpful agent-hunting info! Happy searching, everyone, and may you find your soul agent-mate soon. 🙂

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