Shark Attack!

As scary as they are up close, we all love sharks from a distance.  Books about these ancient warriors of the deep are among the most popular in libraries and bookstores. Now that summer is here, your child can have some fun making sharks “come to life” with this simple craft.

SHARK PUPPET: All that is needed to make these undersea beasts are: business envelopes, Sharpie marker, transparent tape, scissors (I like to use pinking shears since they make the shark mouth look like teeth). Follow the photos and in minutes, you’ll be launching your own Shark Attack.                      

                                                                       Directions: Seal the envelope shut. Cut on the lines indicated in the photo on the left.

Use the triangle for the dorsal fin, draw gills and eyes on both sides of the envelope. Put your hand through the center and VOILA!

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