Picture Books, Stories, and More

I’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering two different websites that celebrate picture books and stories for children.  The first is called ABE’S PEANUT.  If you sign up on this site for a modest fee, your child will receive mail art each month, about a postcard a week.  Four postcards = one complete, illustrated story.  What a fun and exciting way to bring books into your child’s life each month. The link for this site is:

The other site is a blog of one of my followers, Karen Drummond.  Karen is a teacher and lover of Children’s Literature.  Her site has picture book reviews, lesson plans and activities to tie into the stories. Two featured titles are: ARE YOU A HORSE? by Andy Rush, and WHERE IS THE GREEN SHEEP? by Mem Fox. Many of her postings are a perfect resource for home school parents looking for interesting, kid-friendly stories to enhance the curriculum. Karen also provides link to other web sites.  There is a wealth of information on this attractive, well managed site.

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