Story Time

I know there is so much competition for our children’s attention and time.  If it’s not video games, sports and computers, it’s video games, sports and computers.  If your child is going to spend time on the computer anyway, why not check out some reading sites that have kid appeal.

I’ve come across two wonderful and interactive websites that are all about stories and reading to children.  The first one is   At this award winning site, TV star Kathy Kinney brings classic Children’s Literature to life with her engaging and fun filled style. In addition to the story telling, there is an interactive component as well as the BE-A-FAMOUS-WRITER contest.

The second site is a blog called Mr. Schu Reads  Mr. Schu is a children’s librarian with access to an endless array of books and activities with kid appeal. His unique approach to connecting kids with books is by producing book trailers of picture books – many of them done by the author or illustrator.  This week has the illustrator of Molly Lou Melon.

Check them out.  I think your child will enjoy these book filled sites.  He may even forget he’s reading.


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