Now that summer is a memory and fall is here (officially on Sunday 9-22-12), what better time to take an outing to a local orchard or farm market for the first of the season apples.   I don’t think there’s anything that matches the taste of a crisp, tart/sweet bite of a newly picked apple.  Children love them and they are perfect for breakfast, lunch or snacks. To keep apple slices from turning brown, try cutting them into wedges, removing the core, then reassembling the slices and securing it with a rubber band. When your child goes to eat eat it, no icky brown color.

Another kid favorite is APPLESAUCE.  Try making your own with this easy recipe.

Peel and core six apples.  Then have your child carefully help you cut the apples into chunks.  Toss them into a pot and cook until the apples soften. Now, depending on whether you like your applesauce chunky or smooth, mash the cooked apples until they are at the desired consistency.  I prefer my applesauce unsweetened since the apples are sweet enough.  You can add a bit of honey or sugar if you wish and also some cinnamon.

Try serving the warm sauce over vanilla ice cream.  Or, stir it into yogurt, spread it on pancakes or just eat it as is.  You can also use it in baking. Substitute applesauce for half the fat called for in cake and muffin recipes.  Lowers the fat content, but not the taste.

Try different varieties of apples.  Mix several kinds together when you make the sauce and see which tastes best.  Celebrate Autumn with Apples!


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