Books, Books, Who’s Got Books?

If your children are getting tired of some of their picture books or you have some MG or Ya novels lying around and don’t know what to do with them, don’t toss them just yet.  The Pittsburgh Manchester School District K-8 School is in dire need of good fiction for children. There were only 50 fiction books suitable for children in the school library!  LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON  has posted the information on her live journal blog post from 9-23-2012 with the address of where to send the books and some titles that are on the school’s wish list. If your local library is getting rid of books, ask if they’ll donate them to the school as well.

Here is Laurie’s link:

Here is the address of the needy school: Pittsburgh Manchester K-8, 1612 Manhattan St., Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Spooky Halloween Treats

The editor of the food blog DASH – Shannon McCook – has some awesome, kid-friendly treats that are easy to make for Halloween parties and celebrations. You use store-bought candy and food items to create Werewolf Pops and Franken Kit Kats.  Shannon shows you step by step in her easy to follow, short videos. I know your children will have a ball making these creepy creature treats.  Bet you can’t eat just one!

Check out the site ate:

Stay tuned on Friday when I’ll show you how to make a scary breakfast treat called Monster Toast.