Make a Difference…One Day at a Time.

Make a Difference Day is the nation’s largest day of volunteering.  It is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27,2012.  You and your children can make a difference in your neighborhood, nationally, or in the world by doing something simple, yet meaningful.

Neighborhood: Pick up trash from a schoolyard or local park. Adopt a section of roadway and keep it litter free.  Donate old clothes and household items to a local shelter.  Collect canned goods and deliver it to a local food bank.  Visit sick children or seniors and sing songs or play games with them.  I am sure you can come up with many other ways to help your neighbors.

Nation: Support your local STOCKINGS FOR SOLDIERS campaign by collecting items to be shipped overseas for soldiers serving our country. Go tot the  website for a list of needed items and where to send them.

Globally: Help a family or individual in developing countries to be self-sufficient by purchasing all or part of a domestic animal through Heifer International. This wonderful program enables families to bring themselves out of poverty by raising their standard of living with the help of a farm animal that would provide meat, eggs or wool that can be sold. The families then pass on the gift to others.  Go to   for details.

Every time we give of ourselves, we get back much more than we’ve given. Make a difference.


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