Make these fun fashion blankets, scarves and pillows for yourself or to give away as gifts. You don’t need to sew or glue them. All you need is some fleece, a ruler and a pair of fabric scissors. You will also need some stuffing to make the pillow. Fabric scraps, old nylons, or polyester fill work well.

To make a scarf or blanket:  1. Cut fleece to the desired size using a ruler to make sure your line is straight.

2. Fringe the edges as shown, and you’re done! (photo A)                             

To make a pillow:  1. Cut two pieces of fleece the same size. Holding both pieces together, cut fringe on all four sides as shown, discarding the corner pieces. (photo B)

Figure B

2. Tie the front and back together by knotting each fringe strip on three sides to make a pocket.

3. Stuff with fabric scraps or polyester fill. (photo C)

Figure C


4. Tie remaining side and Voila! Instant pillow. (photos D and E)

Figure D


Make them for dolls, or for decorating throughout the house.    It’s an easy, fun way to add color to a room.  You can also glue on felt shapes or letters to personalize each one.

Figure E


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