Silent Night…Peaceful Night.

I know how hectic and crazy these last few days/hours before Christmas can be.  Children can especially get anxious and fidgety waiting for the “Big Day”.  Why not take some quiet time and allow the whole family to slow down a bit and savor just being together.  Make up a pot of hot cocoa or warm apple cider, set out a plate of cookies and watch your favorite Christmas movie, play a board game together, or read some classic Christmas stories aloud.  Some favorites include: THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS  (aka A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS), HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL, THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, or one of my new favorites, THE CHRISTMAS QUIET BOOK by Deborah Underwood.

As the evening grows darker, bundle up and take a walk around the neighborhood to admire all the decorations and lit up houses. Recruit a few friends or neighbors to sing some carols like days of old.  It sounds so much better in person than on the radio.

Don’t worry if presents aren’t wrapped or food not bought.  Christmas will come whether we are ready or not. So…enjoy the beauty and wonder of this time of year and pass on a little peace and quiet. Joy to the World!

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