You need:  Rice Cakes, butter knife for spreading, Peanut or almond butter, cream cheese, food items for making the faces. Here are some suggestions: Eyes and nose: Cheerios, raisins, dried cherries, mini marshmallows. Mouth:  Peanuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, apple slices.  Hair: Shredded carrots or coconut.

1. Spread rice cake with your topping of choice. This will be the “glue” that holds the facial features. Use whatever foods you like to decorate your rice cake.

2.  Eat and enjoy!                                                                            rice cake faces photo

Variation:  To make Pizza Faces, use English muffins spread with tomato sauce and cheese. Then add olives, pepperoni, pepper slices, mushrooms or whatever desired garnishes. Sprinkle extra shredded cheese for hair and bake in a 350 degree oven until cheese melts. (Ask an adult to help with the baking and use of the oven).

Note:  Enclosed photo shows two possible variations of an endless variety of faces.



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