500 + Things Kids Like

My writing and blogging friend TARA LAZAR has collected a wonderful list of things that kids like.  http://taralazar.wordpress.com  There’s everything from ALIENS to WATERMELON  and ZOOS all listed alphabetically. The list is perfect to use for generating stories, activities or even for buying age-appropriate toys and books. Here are SEVEN other ideas for using the list:

1. Halloween Costumes.  There are some great ones.

2. Play Games:  How many from the list can you eat?  How many are animals? How many have wheels?  etc.

3. Use parts of the list for a SCAVENGER HUNT at a party or after school activity.

4. When your kids are bored, let them find 10 items from the list. Whoever gathers up the items the fastest, wins an extra treat or extra time doing a favorite activity.

5. Pick 5 random words from the list and make stick puppets out of them for a puppet show. So what if it’s talking candy?  The funnier the better.

6. Draw pictures of the things you like best.

7. Have an “Eat the List” Day where you only eat foods that are on the list.

This list is so wonderful, I am sure you’ll be able to think of many more ways to use it.  Thanks Tara!


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