Does Anyone Want My…

Now that spring is right around the corner, we all want to clean house and get rid of some clutter.  I have found three sites that would LOVE to take your child’s old clothing, stuffed toys or video games.

1. If your kids’ rooms are stuffed with “nearly new” stuffed animals, consider donating some of them to LOVING HUGS, which sends them to children in war zones, refugee camps, and orphanages where they’ll find loving new friends.

2. When your baby has outgrown his tiny new wardrobe, you might want to pass it on to NEWBORNS IN NEED. This organization provides child-care essentials for a baby’s first weeks of life to hospitals serving impoverished babies.

3. The GET WELL GAMERS FOUNDATION believes that playing video games can help hospitalized children forget their pain.  You can send new or used games to their headquarters in California.


2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want My…

  1. Thank you, Darlene. We are steadily trying to move old stuff out as new stuff comes in. I often donate to Goodwill or give things to friends. But I love these options which help children who face difficulties I can only imagine. Blessings,

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