Celebrate…Women and Music.

March is Women’s History Month as well as Music in the Schools Month.  Why not combine both.

1. Take the kids to the library to find out about women who are pioneers in music.

2. Invite women over for a “tea” and have your children entertain them with songs, instruments and musical selections. Grandparents LOVE this special attention, and your kids will be thrilled to perform for the adoring group.

3. Make your own simple instruments by: a) stretching rubber bands around the bottom half of a shoe box.  Pluck the “string” for guitar sounds; b) use empty boxes and containers of different sizes as drums; c) learn to play the spoons by resting two back to back between your index and middle finger. Tap them on your knee with the other hand. d) Just banging stick together makes a nice percussive sound. e) See my previous post on making rain sticks…they have a lovely swishing sound.

home-made rain stick

home-made rain stick

4. Have your children record stories told by grandma or great-grandma about what it was like when she was little.  Many children don’t know how different things were growing up even as recently as 30 years ago.

5. Read about amazing women who dared to take a stand and be bold despite society’s expectations: Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Sally Ride, Billy Jean King, Molly Pitcher, to name only a few.

6. Honor the women in your life and sing their praises.  You don’t have to be famous to be a part of history.


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