Science Wonders # 1 Make your own Rainbow.

Welcome to the first of a series of simple and simply amazing science experiments your children can do at home using everyday materials. This one will dazzle you with all the colors of the rainbow.  Click on the link below to watch the short video, then gather your supplies and try it out yourself.

Materials:     Plate         food coloring        whole milk      dish soap

Pour enough milk onto the plate to cover the bottom.  (The milk will work better if it is whole milk since it’s the fat that the soap reacts to.)

Place many colors of food coloring together in the center of the plate.  (About 5 drops of each)

Now a few drops of dish soap will show you all the colors of spring ready to burst.

Prepare to be amazed!!!

The food coloring is less dense than the milk.  The dish soap breaks up the fat in the milk and while it is breaking up the color goes along for the colorful ride.

Science is so beautiful!!!!

Save that food coloring because another one of my favorites soon to come.


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