Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22, by planting a tree.  The Arbor Foundation will send free seedlings to anyone who wants them. Go to:arborday.org for your 10 free tree seedlings.

If you have no place to plant a tree but would like to honor the day, take the kids to a local park or playground and pick up trash for disposal and recycling. Everyone gets a good feeling knowing they are doing something positive to make a local spot better.

Here are some green things you can do to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Use less paper. Copy on both sides of the paper or use blank side as scrap paper.

2. Buy copy paper that is made from recycled content. RECYCLE used paper and magazines.

3. Wrap gifts in re-usable gift bags or newspaper.

4. Use washable rags/cloths to wipe hands or spills instead of paper towels. Saves money and trees.  Cloth napkins are also better for the environment and are easy to wash in a machine.

5. Try going Screen Free for the day. Avoid TV, video games, computer and unnecessary texting.  Discover the world outside.  Learn a skill like pitching a tent, building a tipi campfire, planting a herb garden or identifying plants/trees in the neighborhood.

Enjoy the fresh air and beauty of “nature’s air conditioners”. Hug a tree and have a Happy Earth Day!

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