Celebrate Spring with Crafts

My blogging friend Gail Terp has a wonderful post full of websites that have kid friendly spring crafts and activities.  Most require everyday materials you would have around the house.  Freshen up your home or make some gifts for grandparents and loved ones that will be treasured.

 Check out these sites:

 Spring Crafts from Kaboose:  Watering cans, bonnets, Earth Day crafts

 Spring Crafts from Martha Stewart:  Flowers, umbrellas, cards…

 Spring Crafts for Kids from Busy Bee: Butterflies, flowers, birds…

 Spring Craft Ideas for Kids from DLTK: Bunnies, insects, flowers…

 Spring Crafts from Spoonful: Windchime, scarecrow, food…

 Spring Crafts from First Palette: Bean bags, puppets, hats…

 Spring Crafts for Kids from Activity Village: Candy, flowers, refrigerator magnets…

 Kids Spring Crafts from All Kids Network: Caterpillars, rainbows, flowers…



One thought on “Celebrate Spring with Crafts

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