Science Web Sites

Here are two really fun and interesting websites for all things about science.  The first one has experiments you can do at home that are easy and entertaining.  Check out these wonders at:

The other website is sponsored by the Science Channel and provides supplemental information in areas such as earth, physical, life science and more.  Thee is homework help for all grad levels as well.

Celebrate the wonders of the world and try a little science at home.  Stay tuned for more science fun next Friday.


2 thoughts on “Science Web Sites

  1. Thanks for posting. This is extremely useful. My six-year old wants to be a scientist. So, we do lots of crazy experiments at home. Our latest project involved learning about the science involved in making candy (heating/cooling/chemical bonds, yadda, yadda.) In any event, the other day, I can say without hesitation, we made the most vile tasting watermelon marshmallows this planet has ever seen.

    • Hey…even Edison had a few blunders. I’m so glad your son loves science…it is such an interesting and fun topic filled with so many activities that are great for kids. There will be more to come. Thanks for writing.

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