Layered French Crepes Fruit Cake

Here’s a wonderful cake recipe using crepes. I can’t wait to try this out now that fresh strawberries are in season. Thanks!


Layered French Crepes Fruit Cake Recipe By Cupcakepedia, dessert, food, cake, fruit, french food,, crepesIt was my girlfriend Julie’s birthday a few week’s ago and I asked her what birthday cake she wanted. She wanted a light, fruity cake, so I made this Layered French Crepes Fruit Cake. Eveyone at the birthday party loved it, and it was gone so quickly that I was lucky that I had took some pictures before hand.

Look at this amazing cake, there are more than 10 layers of freshly made crepes, strawberries, melons. It took a while to make this cake, but it was worth it. Patience is definitely needed, but I am a patient person as all my friends know, so it is no hassle for me to make it. I actually quite enjoyed making the fresh crepes, and layer them with all the fresh fruits. So enjoyable.

Check out the recipe below if you want to make it. Or to make the recipe simple, do…

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