More Web Sites For Kids

There are so many websites that gear their content to children. Just like in the non-web world, some are better than others.  I’ve found these three to be good ones.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

1.  lists the top 65 parenting sites that include everything from how to deal with swimming fears, playground bullies, and mean high school girls.  It also provides information on where to buy  anything at the best price. Looking for a toddler bed?  Baby crib?  Vacation spot?  Check this site first.  The advice comes from parents.

2.  this site is geared toward a younger audience.  It allows kids to adopt a virtual pet, decorate it with clothing and accessories, and watch the pet grow in real time.  Players age 13 and up can chat on forums and collaborate on writing animal-themed stories.  Parents give the site high praise for safety.

3.  This site features an online writing community where budding writers can publish and share their stories and receive instant feedback.  With over 10 million readers, your budding Shakespeare will hone her writing skills with her peer group.

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