Acts of Kindness and Service – Part 2

As promised, here are some other suggestions for making a difference, passing on kindness and serving others.

1. ANIMAL SHELTERS often need volunteers to walk dogs. Rescue organizations could use foster families to care for pets or to provide donations for pet food and supplies.

2. VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS such as the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT welcome volunteers for fund raising events, or to help vets write a resume.

3. You can READ TO SENIORS in a nursing home or assisted living facility, help them with basic computer skills, play games and share hobbies as well.  Many seniors are lonesome and would really welcome spending time with children.

4. During holidays, you can visit a local cemetery to clean and maintain headstones that look neglected…especially those of veterans.

5. PICK UP LITTER and recyclables at your neighborhood park or playground.

6. See someone sitting alone at a table or on a bench?  Say hello and if possible, buy them a cup of coffee or a soda.

7. SMILE AND GREET those you meet. You never know when a thing as simple as a smile and kind greeting may have a huge impact on a person’s day.

8.  And finally, if you have gently used books that you no longer want, there is a wonderful organization that will make sure they go to children who need them.  Visit