Kids’ Corner: The Next Generation of Writers and Illustrators

My fellow blogger and children’s book writer Robin Newman is starting this wonderful activity on her blog for kids who are interested in writing and/or illustrating. Check it out.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve met a number of kids who are interested in being writers and illustrators when they grow up.  So, this got me thinking.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a kids’ corner on my website, where from time to time, I post the work of the newest generation of writers and illustrators?

So, if your kids are particularly proud of a poem, short story, comic strip, doodle, or drawing that they’ve written and/or drawn, I would be happy to feature it on my blog if:


  1. Everything is parent approved.
  2. Drawings are photographed and saved as jpg files.
  3. Please include a photo of yourself saved as jpg file (optional).
  4. Please tell me a bit about yourself:
  • Name, age, grade
  • What is your favorite book?
  • When did you start writing and/or drawing?
  • Can you please tell me about your work?

And please e-mail everything to:

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