Listen to…Birdsongs.

For many people, birds create some of nature’s loveliest music. Between the songs, whistles, tweeting and chattering, it can be a symphony of sounds not only in spring and fall, but throughout the year. If you want to attract more birds into your yard, here are some tips for doing that.

Birds need a variety of plants and food sources. If your yard has grasses, shrubs, and trees, you’re off to a good start. A simple bird feeder will attract seed eating birds. Try adding nesting boxes for bluebirds, wrens and chickadees.  Provide seed-bearing plants such as sunflowers or cone flowers to attract sparrows and finches. Insect harboring shrubs and moving water will attract warblersMockingbirds and cat bids love fruiting shrubs, dense cover and unraked leaves.  The more variety you provide, the more species of birds you’ll attract.

For more ideas on bringing birds – and their songs – into your yard, check out this book: ATTRACTING SONGBIRDS TO YOUR BACKYARD:HUNDREDS OF EASY WAYS TO BRING MUSIC AND BEAUTY OF SONGBIRDS TO YOUR YARD by Sally Roth.  You can find it

Once you have birds coming to visit, it is fun to keep a log of all the different ones you see. Children can draw pictures of them, try to capture them on camera and maybe even record some of their songs. I’d LOVE to hear how you do and what kind of birds come to visit your house.

Happy birding!


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