How to Choose the Right Book

My blogger friend Gail Terp has a wonderful post on how to find the right books for your child.  The first paragraph is posted below along with the link to the full, well written, and helpful article.

Finding the Just-Right Book

The first step to becoming an enthusiastic reader is finding books that excite you. Most kids (and adults) won’t stick with a book that doesn’t interest them, or is too hard. If a book has vocabulary they don’t understand or talks about things they have little interest in, they will become frustrated and probably abandon it.

Our kids need to be matched up with books they WANT to read. Ones that interest them and don’t ask them to work too hard.

This subject, matching books to readers, is a big one. In fact, it’s huge. In this post, I’ll give you a technique, some tips and a few resources. I hope you find them useful.

We are all Bucket Fillers


In our class we are learning about being a bucket filler. “What is a bucket filler?” you may ask. A bucket filler is a person who says and does kind or thoughtful things to their peers to help fill their invisible bucket. Their invisible bucket is like their heart. When kind or thoughtful things are done to them their bucket fills, making them happier and feeling better about themselves. However, if someone becomes a bucket dipper, they are saying or doing hurtful things to their peers, emptying their bucket and making them feel sad.

We started by reading “How Full is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer.

In Chestnut Class we have decorated our own buckets. Our buckets only get filled when we do kind things to other people. Things such as smiling at others, helping and sharing will help us to fill up our buckets.

We now…

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