Do Your Part To Encourage Reading

These are all wonderful suggestions. Does anyone have any other ways you’ve gotten your kids to read? Maybe they would work for grown-ups as well.

Writing and Illustrating

novel conclusions2Christi Gerstle over at Novel Conclusions had a great post about what we can do to encourage reluctant readers.

I didn’t know that only 25% of adults go a whole year and never read a book.

As Writers, I think it is in our best interests if we remember that and try some of her techniques to try to turn that dismal statistic around.

She asks if you have any ideas you can add to her list of her five ideas.

How have you been successful in encouraging friends to read?  What could we add to this list?

Let’s put on our thinking caps and try to grow her list.

  • Do not (publicly) judge what others are reading; it doesn’t pay to be discouraging.  It might horrify me a bit that my teenage cousin is reading some disgusting political propaganda book, but at least she’s reading something.  I’m sure there are…

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Books Books and more Books!


booksI love books.  They are one of the greatest gifts we have! Wonderful tomes filled with fantasy, recipes, life experiences, and information to entertain, feed our bodies and minds, encourage our spirits and expand our knowledge.

What an amazing ability and opportunity we have to learn to read.  It is right up there at the top of the list of my things I am thankful for!  Probably second would be the ability to write and type.

I read constantly. I don’t believe in information overload.  There’s no such thing.  Our brains expand as needed!  You can fill it every day and it won’t run out of room or memory like your computer will.  Amazing!

Since I read a variety of books on a steady basis I am going to start a friendly book review.  I have come across some pretty wonderful books along the way and I can’t think of…

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