Poetry 101 – Haiku

Today’s post comes from Catherine Johnson, poet and fellow blogger, who was kind enough to provide a tutorial for young poets out there on how to write HAIKU.

Hi, my name is Catherine Johnson and Darlene has kindly invited me to talk to you about poetry today and I have chosen the haiku form.

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form of seventeen syllables in three lines of 5, 7 and 5. It is usually depicting nature and or the seasons. The first two lines are supposed to blend together in the meaning of the third line (something I don’t think I’ve accomplished yet ;))

At first, like writing any poem, you could brainstorm words associated with the theme of your poem. Then think about your feelings on the topic and or describe an action.

Here are a few good examples of haiku written about a scarecrow:

 Here is another location to learn about the art of Haiku from The Poem Farm:


And here is a Halloween haiku I made up:               Catherine Johnson photo

Wind howls and escapes
Striking fear into the night
The October chills.

See how the last line sums up the first two lines. I edited this a lot right after the first draft. I had old barn doors creaking in the first one.

Would anyone like to try a haiku in the comments?


Catherine is a British Ex-pat living in Canada with one husband, two kids, one dog and two guinea pigs. She enjoys writing poems and sharing them on her blog at: http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com


 Thanks Catherine!  Anyone out there care to try some Haiku?  I’ll post some of your efforts here if you send them to me. 

4 thoughts on “Poetry 101 – Haiku

  1. Wonderful haiku, Catherine. As much as I’d like to try doing one, I’m a car wreck waiting to happen when it comes to poetry.


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