Spooky Toast x’s Three.

Here are three fun ways to serve breakfast during the Halloween Season.  All three versions of Spooky Toast are quick and easy to do…even on a school day.

1.  Cookie Cutter Version 1:  Press a Halloween shaped cookie cutter into soft bread until it makes an imprint, but does not go all the way through.  I used a pumpkin shape in the photo.  Toast the bread.  When it is done, you will see the outline of your shape in the toast.  “Paint” jelly on the outline and add features with a clean paint brush. Purple looks good, red more like blood.

2. Cookie Cutter Version 2:  Use bat, pumpkin, or ghost shaped cookie cutters and press into soft bread all the way through.       Spread your favorite topping on each piece, or make sandwiches.                                                                   

2.  In the third version, you will need: green food coloring, milk, bread, butter.
a. Pour milk into a glass.  b. Add a few drops of food coloring.  c. Paint a monster or scary face on to the bread using a clean paint brush dipped into the green milk.  d. Toast the bread.  e.  Butter lightly.  f.  Munch your creature.