More Great Books for Kids

Here are some books I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading.  They are each delightful in their own way and perfect if you are looking for a stocking stuffer or small gift to give a child for the holidays.

1. One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street (MG) – by Joanne Rocklin is a charming, touching and utterly delightful story about some brave, and clever children who try to save an old orange tree from being bulldozed to make way for a house.  Along the way, they end up saving a lot more.

2. A Soldier’s Secret (MG) – by Marissa Moss  tells the true story of Sarah Edmonds who fought in the Civil War with Union Troops disguised as a man.  She worked as a nurse, soldier, mail carrier and spy.  How was she able to hide her true identity and gender?  Read and find out in this riveting tale.

3.Kissing Brendan Callahan (MG) – by Susan Amesse is a sweet story of budding romance and learning who to trust when it comes to family, friendship, and doing what’s right.

4. The last two are PB’s with a delightful premise:  The Day The Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt is told from the point of view of the crayons.  How does it feel to be the most favorite color, the least favorite color, and the ones in between? The crayons will tell you a few reasons why they have had enough. One of the most clever and engaging picture books in recent memory.

5. Tea Party Rules by Ame Dykeman, finds a hungry bear who happens upon a little girl’s tea party. She’s serving cookies! The little girl is nowhere in sight. So bear pretends to be a stuffed guest just so he can have cookies. In order to eat them, he has to follow the little girl’s rules. Can he do it? You’ll have to read this delightful book to find out.


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