Fast and Easy Wreath Ornaments

Here is a quick and simple craft your kids can make in only a few minutes.

Holiday Wreath:  To make these wreaths, you will need the following:

Fabric scraps of various colors,  metal or wooden rings,   (you can get these at any craft store)    wreath ringsscissors,  yarn for hanging.

1. Cut the fabric into strip about 5-6 inches long.         rag strips

2. Begin to tie the strips onto the ring.  You can use use all one color, alternate various colors or patterns, depending on what effect you want.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.   If you make a mistake, just untie it and start again.  When you’re finished, tie a piece of yarn onto the ring to hang the ornament.  These can also be used to hold cloth napkins at the table, or a pillar candle. 

rag wreath 1   You can also glue on beads or small pom poms to decorate.   Use your imagination to come up with all kinds of variations.  They make great teacher or last minute gifts.   Your children will be happy to give a gift they made themselves.                                        rag wreath 2


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