I Have a Dream…of Service to Others.

To celebrate and honor the memory of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, take a day sometime next week and be of service to someone.  You don’t have to spend money, just your time.  What you give will pale in comparison to what you and your children will receive.  Here are a weeks worth of suggestions for how to serve.

1. Read stories to children at local hospitals. You can also play simple games with them.

2. Help a senior learn the computer.  Or help her do chores around the house.

3. Gather up your old toys and donate them to a local shelter, preschool or after school program.

4. Clean up your favorite park by bagging up trash and recyclables for proper disposal.

5. Visit your local animal shelter and adopt an animal for the day (or longer…sometimes they’re so hard to resist).

6. Sing songs, play instruments or perform simple skits at a local senior housing facility.  Many seniors are lonely and really enjoy having young people around.  You could also play cards or board games with them.

7. Make cookies and give them away to someone who might be in need of company.  Bring along some hot chocolate and have an impromptu party.

Children learn to be gracious and of service when we practice generosity. No money required.  Give your time to others…the gift that keeps on giving.


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