Make Two Valentine Cards: Here’s How

My “Scrappy” friend Shiela Fuller has created two hand-made valentine’s kids can make for Valentine’s Day with only a few, simple materials.  The first is a more traditional design for older children.


8.5 x 5.5 sheet of cardstock or heavier weight paper folded in half,  decorative sheet of paper, construction paper of various colors                                    card 1

Buttons, various sizes and colors,  dental floss, embroidery yarn, or thread, adhesive.


-Cut two 1.5 x 4 inch long strips from the decorative paper

-Cut two 1.5 x 3 inch long strips from the decorative paper

-Cut two small hearts, using the paper folded in half cutting technique, @ .75 inches across the widest part

-Using the paper folded in half cutting technique, cut three hearts from the construction paper. Each heart should be slightly smaller than the one previous with the widths measuring @2.75, 2.5, 2.25 inches across the widest part of the heart.  Glue each heart on the fold and then attach them to each other. (the edge of the heart will not be glued)

-You can thread your buttons or glue them individually to the center of the triple heart. You can glue your pieces of paper to the card base similar to the sample or you can rearrange and create your own design. Be creative.  Add glitter, ribbons, sparkles, etc.

The second card is a bit more whimsical and just as easy to create.

 Wool  Ewe: The perfect card for even the smallest of hands with minimal assistance.


5.5 x 8.5 sheet of paper folded in half,  adhesive, cotton balls, paper scraps


With the glue stick, draw one oblong shape for a sheep’s body and a circle for a sheep’s head, filling it in with glue.    (Figure A)

Figure A

Figure A

Stick cotton to both glued areas. It should look like this (Figure B)

Figure B

Figure B

Using the paper scraps: cut two ears, an eye, a nostril, four peg legs, a tail and a beautiful heart.  

Write WOOL EWE on the outside and BE MY VALENTINE on the inside.                 card 2

You  can add some decorative ribbon to the body and tail of the sheep.  If you don’t have any, drizzle a little liquid glue and then sprinkle glitter. Use your imagination!

 Shiela Fuller began crafting with her children while homeschooling in the early 1990’s.  Preserving her family’s memories, through scrapbooking, is an important part of her legacy. She has been a consultant for Close To My Heart since 2007.  You can contact her at:


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