VTCFA Writing for Children & Young Adult Shared

Here’s some great advice for those of us who struggle with the writing process.

Writing and Illustrating

gregory MyersWinter Gregory Myers kind of sums up this winter for us in this illustration titled, “Haru” It was commissioned by Tokyo Journal as part of a series on the seasons in Japan. Gregory is a freelance illustrator who studied under Czech artist Petr Herel at Canberra School of Art, and Akira Kurosaki at Kyoto Seika University. He is based in Sydney, Australia.
KatiaRainasmallKatia Raina is in her second year of the Vermont College BFA Program and she recently came back for their two week residency program. I am sure all of us would love to be able to attend, so it is very nice of Katie to share some of the things she has learn over at her blog, The Magic Mirror.

Here is an excerpt:

These are the lessons and discoveries that stuck with me, synthesized from faculty and graduate lectures, conversations with fellow students, workshops, my experience from the previous…

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