Chores Driving You Crazy? Get Kids to Help. Here’s How.

I came upon this website and blog hosted by the Flanders Family, parents of twelve (yes…12!) children.  One of the messages they posted that really resonates is how to keep such a large household running smoothly: assign chores to all the children.  Even the youngest toddler or pre-schooler can do some simple tasks and contribute to the running of the household. Not only do chores help parents, they encourage independence, self esteem and teach children that everyone is responsible for the success of the family.  Kids who do chores are better problem solvers and feel better about themselves than those with no responsibility at home.  Here is the chart they developed that lists some of the jobs that are appropriate for children at each age and stage of development.

Age-Appropriate Chores for  Children   © Copyright 2013       Check out the website for some wonderful information about parenting, home schooling, organization, arts/crafts/games, and raising kids in a large family.

Ages 2-3
! Put toys in toy box
! Stack books on shelf
! Place dirty clothes in
laundry hamper
! Throw trash away
! Carry firewood
! Fold washcloths
! Set the table
! Fetch diapers & wipes
! Dust baseboards

Ages 4-5                                                              chores 1
! Feed pets
! Wipe up spills
! Put away toys
! Make the bed
! Straighten bedroom
! Water houseplants
! Sort clean silverware
! Prepare simple snacks
! Use hand-held vacuum
! Clear kitchen table
! Dry and put away dishes
! Disinfect doorknob

Ages 6-7
! Gather trash
! Fold towels
! Dust mop floors
! Empty dishwasher
! Match clean socks
! Weed garden
! Rake leaves
! Peel potatoes or carrots
! Make salad
! Replace toilet paper roll

Ages 8-9                                                              farm photo
! Load dishwasher
! Change light bulbs
! Wash laundry
! Hang/fold clean clothes
! Dust furniture
! Spray off patio
! Put groceries away
! Scramble eggs
! Bake cookies
! Walk dogs
! Sweep porches
! Wipe off table

Ages 10-11
! Clean bathrooms
! Vacuum rugs
! Clean counter tops
! Deep clean kitchen
! Prepare simple meal
! Mow lawn
! Bring in mail
! Do simple mending  (hems, buttons, etc.)
! Sweep out garage

Ages 12 and up
! Mop floors
! Change overhead lights                                               chores 2
! Wash/ vacuum car
! Trim hedges
! Paint walls
! Shop for groceries w/list
! Cook complete dinner
! Bake bread or cake
! Do simple home repairs
! Wash windows
! Iron clothes
! Watch younger siblings


2 thoughts on “Chores Driving You Crazy? Get Kids to Help. Here’s How.

  1. Terrific post, Darlene! Extremely useful that you listed age-appropriate activities. My 7 year old helps occasionally set and clear the table but it’s not a regular chore. But you can tell that he likes to help, and I can see what it does for his self-esteem.

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