Find Your Inner Artist.

Along with summer vacation and no school, comes boredom and cries of “there’s nothing to do!”  Sometimes even playing outside gets old when the sun is too hot or bugs to pesky.  Why not help your child develop his or her artistic side.  There are numerous web sites that teach art lessons, origami, crafts, puppetry and many other artistic endeavors.

You can also explore the great artists and their masterpieces with virtual tours of art museums like the Louvre in Paris    where you’ll see the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and many others.  Or try the Museum of Modern Art in NY

If you are anywhere near our nation’s capital this summer, be sure to stop in and visit the art museums there.  Most, like the NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, are free. Some even have special summer programs for kids.

Here’s an easy art project that produces a  finished product your child will be proud to hang on the wall.  All you need is water based paints, paper, and a drinking straw.paint and straw

Pour a few drops of paint on a sheet of paper.

paintspotsNow here’s the fun: Use the straw to BLOW THE PAINT across the paper, rotating as you go so that you get interesting angles and tendrils.  As the colors cross each other you’ll get new shades and shapes.  There is no right or wrong and the end result is frame worthy!  blow paintingSend me your masterpieces and I’ll share them on this blog.  Make some art!


2 thoughts on “Find Your Inner Artist.

  1. This immediately reminded me of the Rorschach test, Darlene. I’m seeing a spidery creature chasing an antler-bearing one through a blaze! 🙂 I actually love this idea. It’s so simple and creative and I’m guessing most children will want to keep making them and making them, so have a lot of paper and paint (watered down?) on hand! 😀

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