They’re Finally Here!

After running errands this morning, I came back home to find the mail truck parked at the curb.  I got out of the car and greeted my mail woman Dawn.  “I have something for you,” she said.

As soon as I saw the box…I knew…they had finally arrived….



My box of….       my books!



BOOKS!  MY BOOKS…The one I wrote and was lucky enough to have published!

You should know that I have the best mail person in the Universe!  What a way to start a day!


12 thoughts on “They’re Finally Here!

  1. Hi! Congratulations!  And, I just wanted to point out that “luck” had little to do with your book being published – you worked hard and earned that privilege!  Can’t wait to read it! Have a great day! Tara

  2. Darlene, I actually got choked up by this. How elated you must feel! You HAD to cry tears of joy! 😀 Congratulations and savor every moment! 😀 Are you going to the conference this year? I’m assuming you are, and will you be selling this book?! I know it’s not officially released so probably not, but thought I’d ask anyway 🙂

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