Using Darlene Beck-Jacobson’s Debut Novel WHEELS OF CHANGE in the Classroom

Thanks to Roseanne Kurstedt for the Interview on her blog!

Rosanne L. Kurstedt's

I’m so excited to welcome Darlene Beck-Jacobson today in celebration of the launch (September 22) of Wheels of Change, her debut middle-grade historical novel.  I met Darlene at a NJSCBWI conference a couple years ago and was totally intrigued by the process Darlene and her idea went through. You see, she originally wrote Wheels of Change as a picture book. But after some urging from an editor she went back to the drawing board (or writing board in this case), did more research and turned her 1500 word manuscript that she envisioned as a picture book into a wonderful middle grade novel, rich with historical setting and multi-layered characters.  Since writing and education are my passions, I asked Darlene some questions about how teachers might use Wheels of Change in their classrooms, and if she could provide insights about her research process.


  1. Tell us a little about how Wheels of Change came…

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2 thoughts on “Using Darlene Beck-Jacobson’s Debut Novel WHEELS OF CHANGE in the Classroom

  1. It is so interesting to read how you were inspired by your Grandmother and Great Grandfather and how you learned about the early 1900’s in Washington DC through your research. I’m looking forward to reading your book and hearing more.

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