Where’s The Book?: Find it and Win!

It’s been six weeks since the launch of my MG historical book WHEELS OF CHANGE.  WoCCover01Many wonderful friends and acquaintances have asked me how things are going and where the book can be found. I suppose things are going well…how does a writer really know?  As far as where the book can be found…I have no clue.  Except for the Barnes&Noble bookstore at ROWAN UNIVERSITY where the launch took place, I have yet to spot it in local libraries or stores. Which brings me to this:

For the MONTH OF NOVEMBER, I am hosting a challenge to all my viewers and supporters out there. If you send me a photo and brief description of where you spot the book, I’ll send you one of my handmade cosmetic/toiletry bags as a thank you. I’ll give away SIX…one for each week the book has been out in the world.  (They make great gifts if you don’t need one yourself).    It’s been said that it “Takes a village” to bring a book out into the world.  As an author of children’s books, it’s been one of my dreams to have my book in libraries.  If it’s in YOUR “VILLAGE” LOCAL LIBRARY, please let me know!  


So, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS WHEELS OF CHANGE?     I can’t wait to find out!


16 thoughts on “Where’s The Book?: Find it and Win!

  1. Congratulations on the release of your book, Darlene! It’s a major accomplishment. I’ll let you know if I spot it anywhere.

  2. Darlene, I immediately suggested your book to my local kidlit librarian. Don’t know if she got it though! She’s not exactly like all the other librarians there. She almost seems to want to avoid me lol Maybe because she doesn’t WANT to hear all I have to say about children’s books! lol Next time I’m there I’m going to look! Meanwhile, once your book is a Newbery contender (oh, you KNOW I think it should be! I mean, right after I read WoC I couldn’t help but immediately tweet the one person I know who should know!), your book will be in ALL libraries! That’s my prediction 😀 😀 😀 hehehe

  3. Hi Darlene, I’ve seen your book for sale online at Amazon.com. I will ask my local branch of the public library here in Ocean County if they have a copy or if they can get one for me. They ought to be thrilled to add a new book by a new NJ author to their collection! Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,

      It’s definitely available online at Amazon and Barnes&Noble. But, out in the world I have yet to spot it. I am planning on donating one to the Laurence Harbor Library this week when I visit. Thanks for your support. Let me know if and when you see the book and don’t forget to snap a picture!

  4. Side note, our library also didn’t have ALPHA GODDESS by Amalie Howard, so I put in a request for that too, as well as a bunch of Month9Books. I did get a response back on the Month9Books and they said that their current vendor does not yet offer them.

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