Here Comes Santa: Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids

Why not save a few of your toilet tissue rolls and create some fun crafts for the holidays. This TOILET ROLL SANTA  is so easy, even preschoolers can make it with a bit of assistance.      santa4Assemble the following materials:

1. Red, pink, and white construction paper or copy paper, cut wide enough to wrap around the tube and overlap about one inch.

2. Cotton balls, tacky glue, scissors, markers, string for hanging. (Optional: googlie eyes and small red pompoms for a nose).

3. Arrange the cut pieces as shown in the diagram.  Glue together as one flat piece extending an inch beyond the length of the tube.    ???????????????????????????????4. Once you have the completed piece, spread glue around the tube and roll the assembled section around the tube, securing the edges and sealing them shut. 

5. Embellish with a face as you like, add a cotton ball on the hat tip, and twist a small piece of cotton to use as a mustache.

6.  Fringe the beard with scissors, snipping about one inch up the length of the white strip as shown.

7.  Add a string for hanging and you’re all set!

For lots more easy-to-make Santa as well as other ornaments using toilet tissue rolls, check out the RED TED ART site.