A Chance to Pay it Forward.

I had a special afternoon meeting with KERMIT ROOSEVELT, the great-great grandson of TR.  I met him at his office at U Penn to give him a signed copy of my book, WHEELS OF CHANGE as a thank you for his providing such a kind and thoughtful blurb for the book.  He graciously allowed me to take a photo of the event. It felt great to meet him and be able to pay back his kindness.  Baked him some of Emily’s homemade Sugar Cookies as well.

Me with Kermit Roosevelt at his office in the Law School at U Penn. 12-17- 2014

Me with Kermit Roosevelt at his office in the Law School at U Penn. 12-17- 2014

How Characters Can Become Stories – Erika Wassall

I love this post and wanted to share it here.

Writing and Illustrating

snowman familyTalk about character, here is a steampunk snowman family Sylvia Liu recently made, as part of a new daily creative challenge blog that she started titled, Create One a Day. You can see her portfolio at: http://www.enjoyingplanetearth.com)

erikaphoto-45Erika Wassall, the Jersey Farm Scribe here on….

How Characters Can Become Stories

I enjoy character studies. Books that give perspective into the mysteries of human nature, and how we deal with intense mental, physical and psychological difficulties.

Give me a character I want to sit down and have a drink with, or even observe from afar and watch their interactions and reactions… and I’m sold.

When I write, I’m often focusing on a character in my mind. They’re more than a name, more than any description I can put on paper. I can sense them, know their thoughts, feel their emotions.

Which is great, right?

Well… yes. And sometimes no.

I tend…

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