Make a Blanket and Warm Someone’s Heart.

Here is a wonderful on-going project that you and your children can get involved in during these cold winter months.  While everyone is stuck indoors, get out a sharp pair of scissors, some fleece and make blankets for recovering cancer patients.  There is absolutely NO SEWING involved, so even the younger kids can be part of this wonderful project.

To make one ADULT BLANKET you will need:

1.  2-2 yard pieces of fleece – one solid and one patterned in a coordinating color.   (You can use smaller pieces to make child-size blankets as well.  I always check the remnant section of my fabric store to get these pieces).

2. sharp scissors.   A 4″ x4″ piece of cardboard and A 1″ x 4″ piece of cardboard to use as templates.   See photos below.   blanket 1

You will use the 4×4 square to cut out each corner of both fabric pieces.  The 1×4 will be a guide for cutting the tie strips along the blanket edges. 

blanket 2blanket 3Here’s a VIDEO link on how to complete the blanket:

For those with some knitting and crocheting skill, another awesome year-round project asks for caps for premature babies in developing countries.  The patterns and directions are on the website for SAVE THE CHILDREN:…/caps_for_good_kit.pdf


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