What’s On Your Picture Book Plate? by Beth Ferry

My Picture Book Plate
by Beth Ferry

Did you know that the food pyramid has been replaced by something called My Plate?
It shows what a plate should contain for a nutritious, filling meal.       640px-USDA_MyPlate_green

This got me thinking about what my Picture Book Plate would look like. What fills my plate and pleases my palate?
What is necessary to make a picture book nourishing and fulfilling to me?
This is basically what it would look like:

my PB plate

You will see my plate is filled with the things that satisfy my particular picture book palate.
I like puns.
And pets.
I love rhyme, especially internal.
I love unexpected endings and unlikely friendships.
Funny and warm, sweet and silly – these are the types of books I like.

Most of these themes, styles, and devices are common in picture books, but the specific books that I would pile upon my plate might be very different than someone else’s.
Here is a small sample of some of the books that inspire me:        my PB plate2
Learning what I like in other picture books helps me become a better PB writer.
It might help you too.

So identify the ingredients that please you.
Then seek out the books that use them successfully.
Devour them!
Taste the words.
Savor the ideas.
Feast on the funny.
Partake in some puns.
Sample different styles.
Every palate is unique.
Every plate is different.
What fills yours?

BETH FERRY is the author of the soon-to-be-release picture book STICK & STONE illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.   Visit her on Twitter @bethferry   stick and stoneCheck out the webpage and trailer for the book: