The Brotherhood and the Shield:The Three Thorns by Michael Gibney

I just finished reading a very entertaining middle grade fantasy that I want to share with you.


In 1900 England, three abandoned babies are found in three different locations. Born of royalty, they are bound to each other and destined to one day change the world. First they have to survive their childhood as orphans. The first two boys – Tommy and Benjamin – escape from the dreaded Gatesville orphanage with the help of a strange and mysterious boy named Peter. Peter escorts them to a safe house while they await the arrival of the third boy, Sabastian. Raised by a theatre couple who work him like a slave, Peter comes to Sabastian’s rescue and helps him escape as well. With the school headmaster and assassins following their trail, they join the others on the harrowing journey to the kingdom of Abasin.

Glad to be free of their former lives, but fearful of what lay ahead, the trio – under the protection of Peter and a group of fighters loyal to the true king – enter a Gateway to a world they never imagined. It is here that they discover powers and talents within themselves that assist them on their journey. In this Lord of the Rings meets X-Men fantasy world of sprites, trolls, elves, pixies, giants, orcs and other creatures, the royal trio – collectively called The Three Thorns – join forces to reclaim the kingdom of Abasin.

This first volume of the Brotherhood and the Shield series is action packed and will keep middle grade readers on the edge of their seats as they follow the heroes adventures. The author has created a clever and imaginative fantasy world with all the fantastical creatures and perils you’d expect. A welcome addition to the fantasy genre.

ISBN: 978-1-939765-40-6


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