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traceybaptisteHeadshot 1-smallLifelong Dream Realized

I loved fairy tales as a kid. And I listened to a lot of jumbie stories. Jumbies are very tricky, very bad creatures in Trinidadian lore that will just as soon eat you as look at you. These were the stories parents told kids at bedtime. If you woke up in the morning with mosquito bites, you were told it might have been a soucouyant, a vampire-like creature who sheds her skin at night and flies around as a ball of flame to suck the blood of children. If you heard your name called at night, it might be a douen, a child-sized creature with backward feet and no face that would grab you and take you into the forest most likely to eat you. The lady that your uncle was dating might be a La Diablesse. You just had to get a good look at her…

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Spring Crafts: Sites for Kids

Looking for some fun-filed crafts to keep kids of all ages busy throughout the spring?  Here are some great sites with a lot of kid-friendly crafts using items most of us have around the house.

Hands on as We Grow:

From Disney Family:

First Palette:

Busy Bee:

Red Ted also has some short videos on how to make ORIGAMI BUTTERFLIES.  There’s a second one for a Pokemon Bunny as well.

Why not spruce up the house with some new spring crafts!  Happy crafting!

Internet Radio Interview With Stefani Milan

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure and privilege to do a radio interview with Stefani Milan on her show called READ ALL ABOUT IT.  We talked about my book, writing for children, historical research and more in the 30 minute spot.  Stephani does a wonderful job of making a person feel at ease and the time just flew by.  For any other authors out there who might like to do an audio spot, give it a try.  Stefani is always looking for authors that she can promote on the show.

Here’s the link to the program.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday Tips: 3 Ways Positivity Can Help Kids Learn To Love Food

I loved this post so much, I wanted to share it with my blog viewers. Let me know what you think and if you have other “tips” you’ve tried to get your kids to eat better.


positivity food faceWe are all uplifted or brought down by the emotions around us. We can thank our mirror neurons and vagus nerve for this kind of empathy and mirroring of each others moods and emotions.

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More Acts of Green.

Last Friday’s post had suggestions for ways to be kinder and gentler to the Earth.  Today I have a few more suggestions in honor of Earth Day.

1. Commit to perform an act of Green at:

2.Sign up for Community Recycling’s CR Home program where you follow their 3 simple steps to send gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to those in need.   YOU put them in a box. YOU print a shipping label and place it on the box.  YOU leave the parcel for your mail carrier who will pick it up FREE OF CHARGE.  For more info:

3. Read…and Seed: At, purchase Bloomin Seed Paper that is 100% biodegradeable and embedded with seeds.  Use the paper as stationary, for invitations, grocery lists, then plant it and watch your garden come to life.

2013-10-01 03.10.29HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Go Green…er With These Tips and Ideas.

In honor of Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 24) I’ve brought together several great sites that help you and your child do something to help and honor our Mother Earth. There are numerous organizations and manufacturers who dedicate themselves to reducing waste, recycling, and leaving a smaller footprint.  Some cost a donation; other only require time. Here are a few of them:              monarch

1. GO WILD:  Protect the World’s Ocean’s through Oceana’s ADOPT AN ANIMAL Program.   If you spend $50.00 on a stuffed sea creature, the money will be used to protect endangered ocean creatures and the habitats they live in.    The WORLD WILDLIFE FUND  offers species adoptions for $55.00, which entitles you to a phot, stuffed animal, adoption certificate and gift bag.

2. PLANT A TREE: The Nature Conservancy’s program of Plant a Billion Trees, aims to restore forests around the world from Brazil to China.  You can see a map of progress so far and how to donate.    You can also protect forests in the American West at

3. RECYCLE FOR A CAUSE: Fight poverty by donating new and gently used shoes to:    

Assist victims of domestic violence by passing on old cellphones:

At  you can find out what to do with your old cell phones, and electronics so they don’t end up in a landfill.   The site also teaches you how to buy green, live green and recycle responsibly.

You can also spare the landfill by donating electronics to local charities at:

Send used baby clothes to outfit needy infants at:

4. RAISE A PUPPY: If your child is begging for a puppy but you’re not sure, you can get a feel for what is involved by volunteering to be a puppy raiser for the blind.

5. HELP ELEPHANTS: A gift of $30.00 provides the 150-200 pounds of food an elephant requires each day at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary, the largest natural habitat for old, sick or needy elephants in the US                  

6. At  your child will find dozens of eco-friendly websites with activities, ideas and information on how to help protect the earth, and how to live sustainably.

You can also do things in your own backyard and neighborhood.  Plant a tree, start an herb or vegetable garden, go organic when you can to reduce dependence on pesticides.  Use less water.  Have a day without electricity, where you play games and tell stories by candlelight.

Check out the other Earth Day posts on this blog for more ideas.

Be kinder and gentler to Mother Earth…she’s the only planet we’ve got!