More Acts of Green.

Last Friday’s post had suggestions for ways to be kinder and gentler to the Earth.  Today I have a few more suggestions in honor of Earth Day.

1. Commit to perform an act of Green at:

2.Sign up for Community Recycling’s CR Home program where you follow their 3 simple steps to send gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to those in need.   YOU put them in a box. YOU print a shipping label and place it on the box.  YOU leave the parcel for your mail carrier who will pick it up FREE OF CHARGE.  For more info:

3. Read…and Seed: At, purchase Bloomin Seed Paper that is 100% biodegradeable and embedded with seeds.  Use the paper as stationary, for invitations, grocery lists, then plant it and watch your garden come to life.

2013-10-01 03.10.29HAPPY EARTH DAY!

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