#RaisingReaders Monday: Music and Literacy

This is just another example that proves literacy is so much more than testing and cramming early reading down kids throats. Thanks for this great post.


I’d love to get a discussion going this week about the connections between music education and literacy. Please, chime in with comments and links if you have personal experience, professional education, or questions and comments about the links between the two. Do YOU think music education has a positive effect on literacy?


My early music education was limited to singing hymns and Sunday school songs at church, shouting out John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt with my Girl Scout troop, and occasionally whacking away at a xylophone while Sister Mary Music-Teacher tapped out the beat on a tambourine.  I didn’t have instrumental lessons or learn to read music until my 30’s. And yet, I was a voracious reader from a very young age. Clearly, one doesn’t REQUIRE formal music education to develop literacy skills. But let’s take a look at the ways music education is purported to help with literacy.

Jonathon Bolduc…

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