Quick and Cool Collage Art.

Whether you’re looking for an economical way to redecorate your child’s room, an office space or for a unique gift, why not try the art of collage?  There are so many ways to express yourself with just a few magazines, scissors, and some glue.  My daughter and I recently  created these pieces of art to perk up her new workplace.   flower frame craft  boston 2015 You and your kids can do the same thing.  Just choose a theme, gather some magazines or photos, and start cutting out pictures that appeal to you. We went with a floral theme and found dozens of great pictures in the magazines Amanda had lying around her apartment.  Once we had a collection, we began to assemble them onto a clean sheet of paper the size of the frame we wanted to cover.    pics for craftWhen we had a pleasing arrangement, we began to attach the pictures to the paper.  We used double sided tape.  You can also use a glue stick. I would avoid white bottled glue since it can cause the pictures to wrinkle, which would ruin the effect.     flower art 1 There is no end to the possible themes you can come up with.  These will make great end of the year gifts for teachers as well.   Experiment with bits of fabric, feathers, sequins, yarn, ribbon, and found objects to make the collage more three-dimensional.  There is no wrong way to collage. Want more ideas for creating your own teacher gifts?  Visit: http://www.redtedart.com/2014/05/11/gift-ideas-teachers/ Happy Collaging!


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