A Self Publishing Journey & Book Giveaway

Writing and Illustrating

I wanted to do a post about the journey of Rupert’s Parachment, because it is an example of a perfect self-published book. So I asked Eileen Cameron who wrote the book and Doris Ettlinger who illustrated the book, if they wanted to be featured. Eileen said she would be willing to do a book giveaway and share Rupert with one lucky winner. Just leave a comment here and share the news on Twitter or Facebook for additional chances. 


One of the things that Eileen did right was find a subject that was having an anniversary and would interest schools and children with the celebrating of 800 years of liberties enshrined in Magna Carta.

RUPERT’S PARCHMENT, STORY OF MAGNA CARTA gives Rupert, son of a local parchment maker, a ring side seat at the historic sealing of the great document, Magna Carta, at Runnymede meadow in England in the year 1215. This historical fiction…

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