Meet…Kid Lit TV!

KidLit TV: A Place That Brings Out the “Kid” in Kid Lit
By: Katya Szewczuk                 IMG_9170

Are you looking for great children’s literature authors or illustrators so your kids or students will jump into the reading world and go on all kinds of adventures? If so then KidLit TV is the place to be. Here you’ll find all kinds of fun and interesting kid lit books, interviews from well-known authors, tech savvy information about the latest technologies and some great advice that will have your kids reading in no time.

Julie Gribble,owner of New York Media Works, realized there was a need for creating and producing content to support the children’s literature community. So in November 2014 she founded KidLit TV, a resource for children’s book creators, industry insiders, booksellers, librarians, teachers, and parents. Julie’s vision was to open a communication channel between kid lit authors, illustrators and experts, with parents and educators. She also saw the importance of technology in the world today and wanted to ensure that these new literacy tools were made accessible to everyone.

KidLit TV is more than just a resource or a website.  It is a community of authors, illustrators, educators, and parents all working together to create great books for kids.
The KidLit TV Headquarters is always busy creating original videos and content. Every week, KidLit TV has a highly anticipated show called Storymakers. On this show the charismatic host of StoryMakers, Rocco Staino, interviews an author, illustrator or industry expert and gets the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes of that individuals’s life and career. Storymakers is a fan favorite, too, because the interviewee always brings signed books to give away! You can view past StoryMakers interviews on KidLit TV’s website or Youtube Channel. KidLit.TV also provides Red Carpet interviews at children’s literacy events around New York City which is a must see for everyone in the kid lit world.
In addition to the StoryMakers exclusive interviews, KidLit TV also shares original content. Every Tuesday is Kidlit Kibbles day; Readers will discover what hot topics or fantastic events are going on in the kid lit world, such as:
• book awards
• interviews with authors, illustrators or other experts in the industry
• book birthdays
• kid-friendly fun

Thursday is “Tech Thursday”, a day that the KidLit TV team shares tips and tricks for learning new technologies, video editing software, apps or simple, tech savvy advice to keep everyone up to date with the latest and greatest virtual tools. On this day readers will find a series of ‘how to video edit’ articles that will provide a basic rundown and understanding of video editing software. From simple, free programs to advanced software that Hollywood uses; the KidLit TV team knows how to lend a helping hand in the video-editing world. .

At KidLit TV you’ll see:
• Inspiring and diverse videos from authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, and more
• Informative videos to help you navigate the world of kid lit
• Video tutorials on using new technology for creating and promoting books
• Entertaining videos about contemporary and classic books

Having the latest news relating to everything in the children’s literacy world is important to Julie Gribble and her team. Every day new content is curated from all our favorite resources around the web and shared on the KidLit TV website. Authors, illustrators, parents, teachers or kid lit fans can use this content for reference, advice or take part in any of the activities promoted on the site. For all the latest happenings and information on kid lit related to publishing, writing, technology, community and more, be sure to check our website for daily news updates. We are a team who invites every new idea and supports our community with open arms.

Want to learn more about us? Visit us on:               kidlit-sitelogo-small
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