Beach Fun and Games.

Although it may seem as if summer is slipping away, thee is still plenty of time left to enjoy the lazy days of summer.  If you and your family are headed to the beach, here are a few sites for games you can bring along to entertain the kids throughout the day.

1.  At   there are games for even the youngest children such as DUNK AND DIP, DRIP CASTLE, and more.

2.   Mom and Me has 10 of the best beach games that are sure to cure boredom and keep kids happy.  Even adults will get into the act of  making SAND ANGELS.  Who wants a game of SAND BOWLING?

3.      Check out the variety of games and activities found at ACTIVITY VILLAGE.  Sand Sculpting, anyone?

The First Place Winner.


4.  For the youngest child, try this site with beach activities for preschoolers:

What are your favorite beach games?                                stone harbor

Make your family trip to the beach an adventure.  You will bring home more than just sand!

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