A Month of Gifts Beginning Today.

Beginning today, all my posts for the month of December will be centered on GIFTS.  Things you might make for others.  Treats to make and give.   Ideas worth sharing.  Recipes.  Crafts.  I hope you enjoy each post and welcome your feedback.  Have a happy, healthy holiday season.

Today we’ll get a chance to make an easy, fragrant table decoration.  CLOVE STUDDED CITRUS FRUITS are so simple, even the youngest child can lend a hand.  All that is needed are: oranges, lemons, and/or tangerines; whole cloves, toothpicks.  2014-12-01 19.42.54

Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the citrus rind.

Insert a whole clove into the hole.

Continue until you have the design you want.  I did a simple design to show you the idea.  But you can do initials, shapes such as hearts, stars, etc. Spirals are especially pretty.

Place them in a bowl for a fragrant decoration.   Or hang them (with a festive ribbon) in windows, on a tree or from a chandelier.  The citrus/clove scent will fill the house with a wonderful smell.

2014-12-01 19.47.43